Traffic Enforcement

Are you in a hurry to get somewhere? If you are traveling through Fairlawn you’ll be happy to know that the police department has been reducing its traffic citations for years, while the level of crime in the city has remained fairly consistent.

Sand Run Parkway

One of the best places to speed is Sand Run Parkway, running from Ghent Road to Revere Road. This residential road is one mile long, interrupted by only one traffic light, and no stop signs. The speed limit is marked as 25mph, but we like to consider that more of a suggestion. And if you get stuck behind someone who is actually adhering to the speed limit, feel free to tailgate them and pass them. The street is marked as a no-passing zone, but people who are in a hurry make illegal passes and speed with zero intervention from the police. It is a much better route to take than Smith Road to the north or West Market (Route 18) to the south.

Why we like it: The cops usually have one patrol car at the west end of Sand Run Parkway, in the abandoned Omnova building, and typically in the morning. UPDATE! since the demolition of the old Omnova building, it’s actually quite rare to see a police car at the location shown below. Of course, if you are heading west, you are likely already slowing down to make a turn. And if you are heading east, you just have to make it around the turn, out of the cop’s view and pick up speed. After that, you have a good mile of open road.

Speed through Sand Run Pkwy to avoid lights and school zones!

Revere Road

What if I told you there was a place in the greater Akron area where you can break almost any traffic law you want, and the police are either blind or powerless to do anything about it? Well, my friend meet Revere Road.

Along this 1.2 mile stretch of highway you’ll find a church at the north end, and the prestigious Fairlawn Country Club at the south, with single family homes in-between. The speed limit is 35mph, but again, it’s more of a suggestion. You can drive through here at 50mph with virtually no interruption except for one stop light and the occasional resident pulling into their driveway. And if a pesky resident is trying to get into our out of their driveway, just cross the double yellow line and go around them. if there is oncoming traffic, you can always pass them on the right. That’s right – save for 2 blocks at the north east, there are no curbs or sidewalks – so go ahead and drive through someone’s front lawn.

Now, being a residential street, you may encounter school buses picking up or dropping off kids at certain hours. Understandably, it is unacceptable to have a school bus stopped in the middle of Revere Highway, especially when it has its lights flashing and a ‘Stop’ signal extended. You’ll be heartened to know that it is very common for motorists to simply illegally pass these — after all, they probably have somewhere important to go, like work or Starbucks.

Now, there is the problem of people walking, running and riding bikes along this road, but drivers clearly have the right of way here.

Why we like it: NOBODY patrols this road. And those who do respond, don’t know who’s jurisdiction it is. You see, Revere Road weaves between the City of Fairlawn and Akron. Roughly half of the residents are in Fairlawn (paying Fairlawn taxes) and half are in Akron (paying Akron taxes) – and the road is technically in Akron. But here’s the thing – Fairlawn Police really have no power here, and so they don’t patrol. If you get pulled over on Revere Road by Fairlawn PD, there is a very good chance your citation will fold like a soft taco. And Akron? Akron Police don’t care, because half of the people on Revere don’t pay their salaries.

What do you think about traffic law enforcement in Fairlawn? Have you witnessed blatantly illegal driving? Have you experienced property damage, like a turfed lawn or damaged mailbox? We want to know!

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