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When people think about a city, and what attracts residents to a city there are a few things that come to mind. Among them are convenience, access to retail, jobs, and professional services. Cities also typically provide basic services to their residents in return for taxes and fees. The City of Fairlawn’s level of service is on par with a rural township. Consider the following comparison:

City of AkronCity of HudsonCity of Fairlawn
Median Family Income$34,139 (1)$112,740 (2)$78,947 (3)
City income tax rate2.5%2%2%
Median Income Tax obligation$853.48$2,254.80$1,578.94
Residential Waste RemovalCity employees remove waste from city-provided containers for $22/monthly.Contracted through Republic Waste as a city service. $55/ quarterly charge. Waste and recycling containers are provided.We have a municipal dumpster station you can bring your stuff to. Or contract a private hauler and get your own containers.
Fall Leaf RemovalRake your leaves to the curb and a city truck will vacuum them.Rake your leaves to the curb and a city truck will vacuum them.You rake them, bag them, leave them at the street and we might pick them up.
Large Item Removal1 Large item per week is included.1 Large item per week is included.Leave your large items at the end of your drive once a year and we’ll pick them up. (But this didn’t happen in 2020).
1- 2010 US Census, 2 – 2007 US Census Estimate, 3-2000 US Census

Although a typical Fairlawn resident pays nearly twice as much as an Akron resident, they get much less for their tax dollars.

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